The Common Good

We are a group of students in designBridge building a mobile tool shop for the grassroots production, repair and maintenance of housing, personal item and wares for houseless folks in Eugene, Oregon.

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Here are some more construction photos - got about half of our siding up this weekend - and more to come with this sweet weather!

Hey folks, sorry for not sharing any progress recently, but here’s some of the stuff we’ve been up to! the trailer will be clad soon!

Here’s What Austin’s Newest Housing For the Chronically Homeless Looks Like

More photos from our presentation at the OVE grand opening last Saturday the 5th. We were asking folks to imagine how this tube-steel trailer frame could be transformed into a learning space for production and maintenance of village resident needs.

We met a lot of great new folks who gave us valuable feedback and advice. We will be going out to the village council meeting this evening to discuss specifics.

Thought folks might find this interesting. Seems like the US could use some new building codes/incentives for projects that aid the property-less with mobile infrastructure that temporarily resides on public property.

We had a wonderful and insightful time at the Opportunity Village Eugene Grand Opening this last Saturday. It was great to see so many Eugenians come out in support of this wonderful new endeavor (the weather helped). We placed our trailer frame on the spot of ground it will occupy when we finish, and invited residents and event guests to imagine the role of this make station in the village.

To learn more about Opportunity Village, our client, check out their website, and some of the media coverage of the October 5th event:

[more photos coming]

In addition to NOT updating our blog, The Common Good Team has been hard at work drafting details on these warm summer nights. We’ve picked up two more team members, Collin and Cem, and together, we should be finishing up a design that we will start building in the next month or two. Design iterations to come!

On the 14th of July, the team spent a warm afternoon pasting our schematic ideas to our frame. The 1:1 design process was the perfect media for testing and comparing the different designs that we all had. Detailing yet to come, but our designs focused on how different spaces might be used for  different projects over time, for different projects by different stakeholders.

Working out some drafts for our kickass trailer. here are some initial sketches. will be moving forward with some more options to post here soon. let us know what you think.

There’s no going back now. We picked up a sweet tube steel trailer frame this morning, and will be moving forward with this as our base.

Local ally Alley Valkyrie and others are trying to enfranchise the great advocacy work that they do. Check out their website and read some of the excellent blog pieces about the realities of marginalization in Eugene.